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We take great pride in you trusting us with your financial information and we adhere to the most rigid security standards in the on-line industry.

For a successful transaction we require that the billing information that you submit with your order be an exact match to the billing information provided by your financial institution.  You can ship to any address you like (we are up to 6 continents so far), but the billing information must be an exact match.

Common errors can include:

  • Incorrect zip code
  • Incorrect address
  • A shipping address listed as a billing address
  • An international address incorrectly entered into the "state" box
  • International zip codes with spaces between any letters and numbers
We want to make your shopping experience fun and get you incredible running products.  We also want to honor the trust you put into this transaction.
If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us via the following channels.
Phone:  1-866-4422-8643 ext 0
Cheers and happy shopping!
Patton Gleason
President & Founder

Optimal Run

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