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Praise abounds for our Personalized Footwear Recommendation service.

Heather - “Wow - you just totally won my business.  A personalized video of what shoes would work for me - that has got to be the coolest email I have received in a long time! What a great way to run a business - thank you”!

Linda - “First, I have to commend OptimalRun.com on the customer services and engagement combination. The personalized video recommendations are a HUGE help, especially to people who aren't pro runners”.  

Brian - “My running partners just bought shoes from you.  I showed them the video you did for me and they were so impressed they had their own done”. 

Shawn - “I'm a bit of a running shoe geek/junkie and thought I knew my stuff pretty well, but you really gave some great insights.  You clearly know not only shoes, but biomechanics.  These are two shoes I probably wouldn't have considered but for your recommendations.  I'm singing your praises to all my friends on facebook”.

Geoffrey - “Pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen from a customer service perspective online”.

Tammy - “To be honest, I was just filling out your initial questionnaire because I had a few extra minutes at the time.  I wasn't really looking to buy new shoes.  I was so very impressed with Jennifer's video message to me that I had to buy the shoes.  It was like she really knew me.”  

Jake - “The video response was perfect and detailed, exactly what I'd want when shopping."

Laurie - “Knowledgeable, caring, experienced, Optimal Running footwear experts!"

Running Bloggers are touting our PFR Service!

The Everyday Warrior - “I love how personalized it was. I mean, I know it was supposed to personalized but I just didn’t think it would be to that extent. I also found Jennifer’s recommendations to be exactly the kind of shoes that I am interested in.” - full review

Complex Mom - But these guys have it going on;  they think outside of the running shoe box”. - full review  on her list of of things she loves.

Run HealthyGet Stronger - “The PFR is a series of questions that basically ask who are, what’s your running experience, what types of shoes you currently use and what would be your perfect (Optimal) shoe. Once this information is submitted, their team will compile your information and send you a personalized video (much like mine) recommending specific running shoes and why, usually in one business day.” - full review

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About OptimalRun.com - We empower individuals to create optimal running experiences.  OptimalRun.com is known for legendary customer service, a staff of leading running experts and home of the greatest footwear recommendation service on the planet.

About  - Founder and President of OptimalRun.com.  He is an industry leading running expert and passionate advocate for the customer experience.  You can find him running trails in Richmond, VA.

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