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Find the Perfect Pearl Izumi Road Running Shoe


The new Pearl Izumi E:MOTION collection of running shoes utilizes a new midsole material that fluidly changes the heel to ball-of-foot drop offset throughout the running stride cycle and intuitively adapts to individual body types and running styles.  The result of this "dynamic offset" is a truly smooth and comfortable running experience.  The Pearl Izumi Road Shoe line-up offers disntinct feature packages to suit individual needs and preferences. 

Road N1 - neutral lightweight cushion for runners with efficient form who like to turn up the pace.

N1 Features

  • 6.9 oz in women’s size 8
  • 7.7 oz in men’s size 9
  • Seamless upper with a stretchy glove-like fit
  • Midsole - Energy Foam
  • Outsole - combines grade EVA with blown rubber in forefoot
  • Heel Stack Height - 22mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height - 15mm
  • MSRP - $115

Women's N1                                                          Men's N1                                           

Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 Women's Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 Men's

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Road N2 - neutral cushion with carbon rubber outsole for runners who like extra cushion for comfort and durability over the long haul.

N2 Features

  • 8.7oz in a women’s size 8
  • 9.1 oz in a men’s size 9
  • Transfer Dry spacer mesh upper
  • Midsole - Energy Foram with Shock Absorption Foam in the heel area
  • Outsole - blown rubber in the forefoot and carbon rubber in the crash pad
  • Heel Stack Height - 27mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height - 16mm
  • MSRP - $120
 Women's N2                                                                 Men's N2

Pearl Izumi EM Road N2 Women's Pearl Izumi EM Road N2 Men's

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Road M3 - generous cushion enhanced with mid-foot pronation stability for runners who like a comfortable cushion and appreciate unobtrusive medial support.

M3 Features

  • 9.0 oz in a women's size 8
  • 9.6 oz in a men's size 9
  • Transfer Dry spacer mesh upper
  • Most cushioned and broad midsole platform in the Project E:MOTION Road Series
  • Midsole - Energy Foam with Shock Absorption Foam in heel area
  • High-density post at medial midfoot is engineered for pronation control
  • Outsole - Carbon rubber in the forefoot and crash pad
  • Heel Stack Height - 30mm
  • Forefoot Stack Height - 19mm
  • MSRP - $125

 Women's M3                                                                     Men's M3

Pearl Izumi EM Road M3 Women's Pearl Izumi EM Road M3 Men's

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If you have any questions about which shoe would be ideal for your needs and preferences, take a moment to answer a few questions and our running experts will make a couple of recommendations based on your answers.  Your running shoe recommendations will be delivered in the form of a video made just for you!


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