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Customers Rave about Their Experience with OptimalRun.com


Stacey wrote about her great experience using our Personal Footwear Recommendation Service and the Inov8 Road Xtreme 118s that we recommended.  Check out her blog Twenty Something Misadventures and follow her on Twitter

Twenty Something Misadventures Blog Post about OptimalRun.com


Customers send us emails praising their buying experience with us.  

I do want to compliment you all on the whole process of getting these shoes.  I have told many people about your website and the excellent customer service.  Good luck.  You have won me as a customer. - Ellen

I have to say, I've never had this kind of attentive customer service before, it's fantastic, you guys are the best! - Matthew

I now have a new favorite place to get my shoes and I will spread the word.  Your customer service is incredible! - Laura

I love them, and Optimal Run is my new favorite company.  :)  I keep telling my friends about your business model, with the video recommendations, etc.  ...my full time job is to consult with technology companies to optimize and personalize their sites.  You guys are doing a great job. - Lamont


 ... I have your personally signed postcard up on my office:) I am amazed by the service you guys give. - Mikael

Patton, you were spot on with the recommendation.  They are the exact shoe I dreamed of in my runner's imagination.  I never would've thought to buy Pearl Izumi - I had looked into them but not too many reviews out there yet for me to trust the brand. I did a complete gait analysis less than a week prior and ended up with the wrong shoe yet you came up with the perfect shoe for me based on a questionnaire.  I'm truly amazed! - Dawn

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About OptimalRun.com - We empower individuals to create optimal running experiences.  OptimalRun.com provides the best running shoes, tools and advice for individuals to take control of their running experience. We are known for awesome products, quick shipping and the best customer service on the planet.           


About Jennifer Laughter - Jennifer is the Engagement Manager for OptimalRun.com.  She is committed to a health and wellness centered lifestyle and enjoys sharing her passion with others


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