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What is a Personalized Footwear Recommendation?

This is the easiest way to buy the optimal shoe on-line.  You tell us a bit about your running, a live running expert reviews your info and sends you a customized video recommendation.

In a few easy steps, we can match you to the optimal shoe and have them on your feet in no time.

1) Tell us about your running by filling out a super quick and easy form.  This takes just a few minutes.

2) Our experts personally review your data.  We’ll also talk about how awesome you are.

3) You get sent a video recommendation specifically for you.  Your video will look similar to this one we did for a customer looking for a great shoe!

You can save $9.99 on any pair of shoes you submit your form.  Yes, this is awesome.  

Get started and get your recommendation today!

Get started with a personalized footwear recommendation

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