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100 Up Challenge FAQ

Q:  What is the 100 Up, 30 Day Challenge

A:  Every day, for 30 days you perform a set of the 100 Up running form routine.


Q:  When does the 100 Up, 30 Day Challenge start?

A:  Friday 4/13/2012


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Nothing


Q:  How do I sign up?

A:  You can sign up two ways.  You can join the 100 Up 30 Day Challenge on Facebook.  You can also submit your info here.

These will be cool ways to share in the experience with other athletes.


Q:  What do I need to do this?

A:  Common sense, three minutes and bare feet.  Technically if you were a naked person with access to only two square feet of floor space you can participate.  (However, if that is your situation you might want to be working on some other things.)


Q:  Is there any guarantee this will work? 

A:  There is absolutely no guarantee this will be effective at all.


Q:  What are the risks?

A:  The risk is that the 3 minutes a day you spent doing this over the course of a month will be more personal time than performance enhancer.


Q:  What are the benefits?

A:  How bad ass would it be to have a simple exercise that helped your body to move more efficiently?  Could this simple exercise help you run smarter, the way your body was designed.  We are big fans of the notion that “how you run” is crucial to what your running experience looks like.


Q:  What is a 100 Up?

A:  It is a modified version of marching in place.  Yes it is that simple.

There are two versions of it.  The first is done slower and more methodically called the “minor”.  Again, just think marching in place with perfect form.  The second is called the “major”.  In this method your a jogging in place with perfect form.



Q:  If I did this perfectly, what should it look like?

A:  The Minor:  Start with straight posture.  Lift the right leg up, with your femur parallel to the ground.  At the same time, drive the right back keeping your hands above your hips at a 90 degree angle.  Drop the leg down and repeat on the left side.  Then do this 98 more times.  This should feel like a very controlled and purposeful march.

The Major:  Same thing as the minor, but you are moving quicker.  Think of this as a controlled and purposeful march in place.


Q:  Where did this idea come from?

A:  The term was coined by a British chemist apprentice in the late 1800s named W.G. George.  He would later go on to an accomplished amateur and professional runner.  He was known for being quite a character with unorthodox training methods and an interesting set of personal ethics.

It was brought to light recently when author and runner Christopher McDougall, wrote about this method in a piece he recently wrote for the New York Times, titled “The Once And Future Way To Run”.

The idea of doing an big fun group experiment came from the tribe at NaturalRunningStore.com


Q:  It sounds like a simple idea, you mean to tell me no one has ever done this drill before.

A:  This drill and/or a modification of it has been used by athletes for a hundred years.  We have taught a modified version of this in our Flow Running workshops since they began.  You can lear a lot by staying in one place trying to perfect and develop a certain kind of movement.  One of my favorite examples is of legendary Czech athlete Emil Zatopek stomping on his laundry in the bathtub as regular training regimine.


Q:  Ok, sweet I am in.  When does it start again and how do I sign up?

A:  We start the 30 Day challenge on 14/13/2012 and you can sign up 100 Up 30 Day Challenge on Facebook and you can also submit your info here.


If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.  The best ways to get your questions answered are on Twitter and the NaturalRunningStore.com Facebook Fan Page.

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